Daddy’s Little Girls

This film was written and directed by Tyler Perry and produced by Reuben  Cannon and Roger Bobb.


The film starts off with Monty James (Idris Elba) a respected and committed mechanic and father who has three daughters: China (China Anne McClain), Lauryn (Lauryn Alisa McClain) and Sierra (Sierra Aylina McClain). He dreams of owning his own shop someday. Monty’s children have been cared for by their material grandmother for many years. However, he realizes she is dying from lung cancer and she dies with a few weeks. His ex – wife (Tasha Smith), Jennifer, disrupts the tranquility of the service and demands that her daughters live with her. Jennifer later tells Monty that she is suing for custody. Strapped for cash and hoping to make his dream reality, Monty accepts help from Maya (Malinda Williams), an employment agency worker. Maya recommends Monty as a driver for Julia Rossmore (Gabrielle Union), an attorney in Atlanta.

Moving on, Monty meets Julia, who is astonished to see that Monty has provided for his daughters their entire lives. Julia finishes Monty’s case preparation and Monty walks Julia out of the office to her car. Monty discovers it’s her 32nd birthday and takes her to his favourite jazz club. During that period Julia and Monty starts to dance together. As they are travelling home, Julia kisses Monty and asks him to spend the night. Monty is willing but Julia is too drunk and vomits. Julia changes her mind and tells Monty to go home. Over the next few weeks, Julia begins to feel confused; Monty is a decent guy but she is a successful woman trying to find a successful man. She goes to see Monty and his daughters; one of Julia’s girlfriends confronts her – reminding Julia that she has to be conscious of decisions which impact her career. Monty overhears Julia’s friend and is hurt.

Over this process, Monty’s daughters come to his house and reveal the things Joe ,(Jennifer’s boyfriend) has been up to, they show the scar he gave Sierra and Monty becomes so furious that he quickly puts his daughters to bed and confronts Joe and Jennifer by crashing into their car ( Chrysler 300C) and beats Joe repeatedly. Meanwhile, the police arrive and they arrest Joe, Jennifer and Monty. This fight was on the local news on via TV and Julia was watching it and they identified that Monty was the high-school basketball star who was falsely accused of rape. Julia suddenly rushs to the court room just in time to save Monty so that he can have custody on his daughters and that they belong to him.

Julia defends Monty in court that the case was dismissed and Monty agreed to be with Julia and the whole neighbourhood join in the celebration whereas Joe and Jennifer are thrown into Jail. Meanwhile , as Monty and Julia go him to celebrate Monty has a auto shop named after him ‘Monty’s’


This film shows commitment and how certain people live their lives in different way. The film also elaborates on the fact that the father (Monty) cares for his daughters so much that it made (Julia) fall in love with him and that Monty was not like all the other guys Julia has been out with. This film really enforces the fact that it doesn’t matter your background or culture it matters about who you are on the inside and the film also shows the role of a father to be loving and caring as how a father should ought to be. Throughout  there is a constant love and attraction between Monty and Julia but Julia is shy and admits her love for Monty within the middle of the film.

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Rush Hour 2


L.A.P.D Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) is on vacation in Hong Kong, visiting his good friend Hong Kong Police Force Chief Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan). Carter is interested in having a good time; however, soon after he arrive, a bomb explodes in the American Embassy. Then Lee tries to find the person who killed his father and then Carter and Lee were now dedicated to find the person who killed Lee’s father. Meanwhile towards the ending of the film; they capture Ricky Tan and then Lee kicks him through the windows and is injured; Lee and Carter are about to board to go to Madison Square Garden and watch an a baseball game. Then Lee gets a kiss from Isabella Molina in a short notice; and at the end they are playing Michael Jackson’s song  Don’t Stop To You Get Enough.


I think that rush hour 2 is a funny film which a lot of character and a bit of emotion between Isabella and Lee. Rush Hour 2 shows how good friendship should be and that you can never get away with a bad past (Ricky Tan killing Lee’s father). Carter within the film has been a person who loves to get entertained and know how to have a good time; he also tries to help Lee get a normal Life so that he is not frustrated with life. At the beginning we see how Lee and Carter are there for each other and they like to have a great time.

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Ze Frank

Ze Frank lets his audience answer his questions? This allows people to relate to the video’s as he makes people think about his comments and views on issues to life. He also puts his own views across so that people can relate to them whereas he makes his own werid and funny songs.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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